lørdag den 12. marts 2011

In English..

I write this entry for a friend, who doesn't read or understand danish, and I want him just for once to see, what a naughty danish girl does for writing.

He knows, as hopefully you know, that I by now write very few fantasies, but almost only about true life, so perhaps, I say in a coy way, I should change the name of my blog from "fantasy" to "world". But, it started off, telling about my fantasy of an encounter with another girl, that became real, and you can't just go on changing names all the time, if you feel like it..

I of course send my excuses to the ones, who believe in Numerology, this shows, sorry, that I don't.. I have had 4 different names in my life, my maiden name, two married names from two marriages, and now my reduced maiden name, so, changing names again will, if nothing else, make the people around me schizophrenic trying to remember, who I am, if they know me at all, and what I am calling myself these days.. Same thing with my blog..

So, this blog will still be called my fantasy, though it is the real life of a submissive little pain slut.. No rules against pain sluts whimpering just a little bit, I hope..

Last night, well, striding around in nice dress, the only one I brought, and my 7 inch work heels,  Friday evening sickness still hit me, falling asleep on the sofa. I hate it, when it happens, I feel like a bad girl in the wrong-not-sexy way, not available. On the other hand, fantasy, who wouldn't want to be woken op with hands, tightening the grip around hair, being told, that you had been bad.. In honesty, I actually think, he has tried, and to my embarrassment I probably treated the disturbance as if it was a fly or something else, being in the way.. Did I ever mention, I can sleep anywhere at any time.. Job benefit, but sometimes, it gets the better of me..

Well, of course, last night I didn't treat him as a fly, I can't have, as he gave me the nicest back rub (and ass massage, too) for a long time. No sex, only tension in air, knowing, that he had planned things, and making me wait with tension all though my body, for what inevitably will come, the next morning in stead.. Builds all kinds of tension in my body, getting nice massage, waiting for him perhaps to change his touch to something else completely, lying there waiting, hoping, for what doesn't come.. Last night, he made me wait, and told me good night..

"Tomorrow morning, you will be tied up, to the beams in the ceiling..

Morning came, I don't know why I always wake up very early, being with him, but I have a feeling, just by knowing, he sleeps next to me, my body is somewhat alert. And, I admit, always wake up next to him, feeling horny, being so quickly, very wet.. And again this morning, I was allowed, just shortly, to take his favourite first morning position, letting my cunt slowly lower itself down his cock..

"When you come up from downstairs again, I want you to take on your collar and your blind fold.."

So, I went downstairs, careful not to fall down stairs (has happened before, didn't want my buttocks bruised beforehand), put some wood on the fireplace, and came back up again.. Careful not to look too much into his eyes, knew they would be burning, and make my heart beat almost hurtful, if I looked too long.. I did as he was told, my fingers fumbling a bit with the buckle on the collar, blindfold easier, was put on my knees in the bed, in front of him..

Again I was told to sit on top of him, and sitting there, he tied up my hands, pulled my hands up over his head, knowing very clearly how I love the feeling of him inside of me, and moved away from under my body..

So, he pulled my tied up hands with his rope, pulling me and pushing me out of the bedroom, leashed, and into the other room, warmer, and also with wooden beams..

He pushed me down on my knees, sitting there, He tied my thighs together with another rope, so my cunt was hidden away and unavailable, and put metal clamps on my nipples..

Hearing my whimpering, he asked me, if it hurt, and I remembered, what he had said to me yesterday:

"Tomorrow, I will tie you to the beams, and I will want to hear you screaming, and I will go on after that.."

"I do not want you to count, I will spank you as long as I like with the cane, and you will not know, when I stop.."

Remembering, I nodded, knowing, and not quite knowing, how far he would go..

Removing the clamps, he pulled my arms up, told me to stay on my knees, and stretched my arms so far up towards the beams, it hurt, and I couldn't help the whimpering sound, that came out of my mouth..

"Remember, Slut, I do this, not for your pleasure or for your punishment, I do this, just because I want to.."

And he did..

My cries out loud, it never felt like this before, it hurt so bad, I couldn't stop screaming, out in the quiet room, snow falling quietly outside, I was somewhere else.. With my screams, he sent me off,  and when he stopped at last, I still knew, I would always want more..

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  1. oh, that was lovely. thank you for posting in english. xoxo

  2. @naughtyinaustin
    Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me. XOXO's back